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Development documents for Mega-Corp

Documentation created by Nicolás Lekuona for the development of Mega-Corp (Dinamic/Aventuras AD).


Description of the game as it was “sold” to Dinamic (you can see that the idea was more ambitious)

Copy of Azpiri’s original image, without the overlapping text.

Game instructions and background info which, for the most part, was not included in the commercial game

GAC source code, in case that anyone wants to type it, there’s something for everyone 😉

Location map for the first part of the game

GAC source code for the second part of the game

Location map for the second part of the game.

Scanned reference material for the illustrator that Dinamic hired to create the pictures that were to appear on the 16-bit versions (and I still don’t know who it was, although I already know who it was). Main locations with description and indicative image.

Source: Nicolás Lekuona

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