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Naoto Ohshima’s design documents for Sonic 1’s ending

Sonic Retro user SMpai has uploaded a couple of documents from Naoto Ohshima which were used in the development of Sonic The Hedgehog for the Mega Drive/Genesis, which describe the final chase of the game and Robotnik/Eggman’s actions, depending on how many Chaos Emeralds Sonic has in his possession:

In the first of them we can observe not only how both characters go outdoors after the last battle, but also how some constructions and clouds in the background of Scrap Brain/Clock Work Zone appear different from those we saw in the final version.

The vertical line is the limiter (“リ ミ ッ タ ー”) which, when crossed, stops all control by the player.

On the second page, in the image of the bad ending we see a text “LE’S RETRY” instead of the more coherent “TRY AGAIN”. Although only 5 drawn emeralds appear, 6 are mentioned in the left margin.

Also mentioned on the right is a “To be continued” (“ト ゥ ビ ー コ ン テ ィ ニ ュ ー”) message that they would have considered displaying on the screen.

Let’s go through the full text and see what it says:

First panel


Boss will run away at the speed (at maximum speed) of the player


Boss will wait to board mobile if player doesn't chase
Second panel


Boss wants to run away on the mobile. Player hits the boss. Hit the mobile.


(Note) Want to keep from getting to the right of the boss.


Must hit the boss 3 times or more.


Regardless the outcome, when the player exceeds the limiter the demo screen will appear.
Third panel

(注) 左図はプレイヤーがボスに対い何もなかった場合のボスの軌道

(Note) The left map shows the boss' trajectory when not hit

First panel


If you don't have 6 chaos emeralds

ボスが笑っている ボスの手には。プレイヤがとゆなかた掻のカオスエメラルドを手にている。

Boss is laughing. He has the Chaos Emeralds in hand, minus the ones collected by the player.
Second panel


When you have 6 chaos emeralds


Boss is angry. Appears tattered. "To Be Continued" message displayed. Cannot exit.
Transliterations: SSUK

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