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QUESTION: Tune in “Androides 16K” cassette

QUESTION: What’s the origin of this 80s tune, partially recorded after Ventamatic’s version of “Androids” in a mysterious “Computer Cassettes” tape?

By the end, an announcer begins to say “Ésta…” (“This…”), before the recording is cut.

ANSWER: José Viruete solves our question! Continue reading QUESTION: Tune in “Androides 16K” cassette

Enemy graphics for Sonic 1

Graphics for the enemies (“badniks”) created by Yasushi Yamaguchi for Sonic The Hedgehog (Mega Drive). Found by Frank Cifaldi after dumping a floppy disk labeled “Yamaguchi’s Enemies”, which was given to Tom Payne during the development of Sonic 2.
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Was QuackShot conceived as a DuckTales game?

QuackShot, the classic Mega Drive game where you control a (treasure-hungry) Donald Duck without his typical sailor suit and where Uncle Scrooge only has a small cameo in the intro.

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Could this game have originally been based on the well-known series DuckTales? Some details seem to hint at having been inspired by the series/movie.
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The PaRappa-MTV connection

Many of us have fond memories of PaRappa the Rapper, the star of a (brief but partially reissued) series of PlayStation games filled to the brim with friendly flat characters in a fully 3D environment.

If you’re familiar with their characteristic style, this might remind you a bit of something:

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Naoto Ohshima’s design documents for Sonic 1’s ending

Sonic Retro user SMpai has uploaded a couple of documents from Naoto Ohshima which were used in the development of Sonic The Hedgehog for the Mega Drive/Genesis, which describe the final chase of the game and Robotnik/Eggman’s actions, depending on how many Chaos Emeralds Sonic has in his possession: Continue reading Naoto Ohshima’s design documents for Sonic 1’s ending

Reconstructing Castle of Illusion’s lost logo

Some time ago, Sonic Retro evilhamwizard found the graphics of what appeared to be a scrapped logo for Castle of Illusion (Mega Drive/Genesis), not referenced anywhere in the game code:

There are only two unused Nemesis archives in the entire ROM. The first is located at $49900, and appears to be "Mickey Mouse" in big multi colored text:

The second at $4AD52 appears to be maybe some kind of mapping data (perhaps for this art)

This logo, far from being stored just as it would be shown on screen, has its graphics optimized to save space and reuses several of its tiles (groups of 8×8 pixels), sometimes logically and sometimes quite elaborately, all for saving a few bytes in the ROM (although the effort was somewhat useless, considering that they weren’t deleted after they were discarding).

Let’s try to reconstruct the mappings of these graphics to see how they were optimized.

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