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Conceptual graphics for Nonamed

Graphics created by Javier Cubedo for Dinamic.

Source: https://twitter.com/Adonias8bits/status/1159013538175836161
Carlos Abril
Nonamed, my brother's game also changed for Future Stars. In Dinamic they told us that the label hadn't been successful and that if they changed the graphics it could come out as a Dinamic game. They were in charge of making some great graphics and, since when asked what the title was, he said he still didn't have any, next time we returned it had already been given one: Nonamed. Then the great Azpiri made a cover that we loved and although the game was left with the simple game approach with which it was created, with the new graphics and approach, it was a game that I loved.
Source: GamesTM Spain #4
Resources recovered by Adonías, deepfb, Carlos Abril and Ignacio Abril.

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