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Concepts and graphics for Nonamed II

Conceptual art and graphics made by Carlos Abril, for the Dinamic/Inder arcade game.

The protagonist’s graphics were initially based on the sprites of the original Spectrum game, then they were manually rescaled, and then replaced by a version based on Madmartigan’s sprite from Capcom’s Willow arcade game.

Carlos Abril
Because there was a magazine with that sprite, I loved the graphics of the arcade and I was trying to copy it to see how it was made. Then the animation is mine and I guess not as good as the recreational one. They are 'references'.
Source: https://twitter.com/CarAbr2/status/1162166032754192384
Carlos Abril
I worked mostly on the graphics, first in the Amiga and then I started doing the sprite routines on the arcade machine that Dinamic had built. Madmartigan (from the movie Willow) was my reference for the character.

Then I started with the McGraw-Hill catalog stuff and other projects with the Ruizs which culminated in the creation of Dinamic Multimedia. That's why I didn't continue with that project.

Source: GamesTM Spain #4

Resources recovered by Adonías, deepfb, Carlos Abril and Ignacio Abril.

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