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WANTED: “Colección Dinamic 90” compilation

WANTED: The following editions of the “Colección Dinamic 90” compilation:

To dump correctly:

  • Spectrum cassette
  • MSX cassette
  • MSX disk
  • PC

To scan all the material (complete box, instructions, tapes) in high resolution:

  • Spectrum cassette
  • MSX cassette>
  • MSX disk
  • PC


Regarding the PC version, the supposed existing dump is a fake which consists of mixed files from other editions, with added “readmes” from some abandonware pages.

UPDATE: The Spectrum cassette version has been converted to TZX by José Manuel.

UPDATE: The MSX cassette version has been located by Artaburu from ESP Soft and Tolvatar from retroLEL’s Discord.

UPDATE: There is now a TSX file of the MSX cassette version on the MSX Files Repository website.

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