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Tapir 2020-04-15

Alessandro Grussu acaba de subir la última actualización de la herramienta de Mikie para trabajar con los bloques de los archivos TZX.

Lista de cambios desde la última versión pública de 2009:

release 13/02/17 20:30
* changed the way consistency check treats jumps – now jumps to already visited blocks are allowed

release 16/11/27 21:00
+ added new option MIC emulation/square wave

release 17/01/22 19:00
* fixed a serious bug in adding a CSW block from file
* fixed a bug in the computation of the number of samples in Direct recording
* if the TZX contains unknown blocks, do not suggest/change TZX version
* redesigned consistency check (detection of cross-nesting of loops and calls, much better infinite loop detection)
+ added a check for consistency before retrieving Tape info (for tape length estimation)

release 20/04/15 23:30
* changed ROM labels showing to also show for instructions like LD HL,nnnn

Enlace a su web con la descarga: https://www.alessandrogrussu.it/tapir/

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