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WANTED: The “lost” editions of Telemark Warrior

Telemark Warrior is a game by Silicon Games published by Dro Soft, with some versions not yet located.

Versions still yet to be preserved:

  • ZX Spectrum (cassette)
  • ZX Spectrum (floppy)
  • Amstrad CPC (cassette)
  • Amstrad CPC (floppy)
  • MSX
  • PC (5.25 floppy)

Need a redump:

  • Amiga (current dump is hacked)

Already dumped but with no scans available:

  • Atari ST
  • PC (3.5 floppy)

The ZX Spectrum version was reviewed in these magazines:

  • Micro Hobby #196, page 32
  • Amstrad Sinclair Ocio #13, page 42

A box for the MSX version was shown in a Dro Soft ad:


UPDATE: The PC (3.5 floppy) edition has been dumped thanks to @imulilla and @Ignaciofase78.

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