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Tapir 2020-04-15

Alessandro Grussu has just released the latest update of his block manipulation tool for TZX files.

List of changes since the last public version from 2009:

release 13/02/17 20:30
* changed the way consistency check treats jumps – now jumps to already visited blocks are allowed

release 16/11/27 21:00
+ added new option MIC emulation/square wave

release 17/01/22 19:00
* fixed a serious bug in adding a CSW block from file
* fixed a bug in the computation of the number of samples in Direct recording
* if the TZX contains unknown blocks, do not suggest/change TZX version
* redesigned consistency check (detection of cross-nesting of loops and calls, much better infinite loop detection)
+ added a check for consistency before retrieving Tape info (for tape length estimation)

release 20/04/15 23:30
* changed ROM labels showing to also show for instructions like LD HL,nnnn

Link to his website with the download: https://www.alessandrogrussu.it/tapir/

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