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Graphics for Prehistoric Island (Amstrad CPC)

Graphics made by Raúl Ortega Palacios for the Prehistoric Island demo, which he created with the aim of presenting the project to Dinamic.

In 2011, the Fase Bonus podcast got in touch with him and, in addition to bringing this demo to light, they conducted an interview with its author. Following is the information related to the game:

Raúl Ortega Palacios
At that time I was very excited about my work, and one of my dreams was to program and design the graphics of my own video game, and of course have Dinamic publish it. Unfortunately, the console market broke into the Spanish software landscape, causing the drift and bankruptcy of the most important Spanish companies. And that's why Dinamic didn't know anything about this project, which never took off.
Raúl Ortega Palacios
At first I based it on an arcade game [Prehistoric Isle in 1930], although I wanted to do something very different with it.
I started to develop the code of the scroll, the collisions... Truth is that I was very excited to design and have my own video game made entirely by me, but in the end it was impossible. The era of consoles fell on me and I abandoned the idea.

About how much code was written for the demo:

To make a demo of a ship that shoots two enemies and some meteorites, 2000 lines.

He also talks about the game’s story a bit:

It was a game inspired by the arcade but it wasn't going to have anything to do with it. It was developed on a twin Earth planet which explodes in an early part of the game and becomes what we know as the moon. And a ship, which is the one that appears firing in the beginning, which is actually a time machine that has lost its transport module because it has been eaten by a tyrannosaurus. That's the kind of ideas that occurred to me back then.

So in theory it would have had a second part in which they looked for some kind of underground base in that twin planet Earth, which ends up exploding if everything goes well in the game.

Source: Podcast Fase Bonus 2×15

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