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Discarded designs for Biomechanical Toy

Designs by Maite Ochotorena for Gaelco’s Biomechanical Toy arcade game, which were discarded at some point.


Transformations of the main character?

Melee attacks:

The default weapon has infinite ammo, so Inguz never attacks like this.

Riding a sliding board:

Pulling out the gun after taking a hit:

Possible illustration for the Game Over screen?

In the final version, only the message “SAD END” appears:

Ancient Egypt

Phoenician ship:

Pyramid mural:

The battle against the final boss has a background with a similar feel, could it be related?



Background elements:

Level description:


Pirates level: Ship.

  • Bridge
  • Candles
  • Interior

B) Enemies:

  • Pirate balloons
  • Walking pirate
  • Flying fish, cannons, boiling oil traps, masks,

C) Platforms:

  • Bridge: gangplanks, treasure chests, etc.

Level styled after Burt Lancaster’s adventure films, that is, Inguz can jump on sails and tarps placed on the ship’s bridge, swing on the ropes or hooks Tarzan-style, climb the masts upwards, stow sails, go down the poles like firefighters, etc. Some masts could be broken by firing on them, (?) than some sails. On the bridge there may be boxes with unknown contents, surprise enemies coming out of them or from inside the ship, cannons, pirates in the style of (?), in some area the (?) could break, leaving Inguz on some tilting platform, eg: a boat, fighting some enemy, like a pirate. There could be an area inside the pirate Enemy ship.

Annotation of the schematics on the right:

Hanged from his feet with a saber, which disappears when shoot and falls (?) in the (?) giant (or barracuda) enemy (?), (?) sunken (?) ship.

Interior of (?) beams, which Inguz (?) jumps, entering (?) barracuda, which comes out of the water, also (?) having floating barrels (?) in motion (?).

Annotation in the center of the page, to the right of the squares:

water, the cellars are 1/2 flooded

Annotation at the bottom:

(?) toys could break, and then appear (?) floating around, as if Inguz has them (?) to use. Inguz jumps shooting downwards, at toys, or he crouches in the barrel and shoots up. When stepping on the barrel (?).

There’s also a list of levels which, oddly enough, doesn’t include a game/chess stage:

  • Forest
  • Egypt
  • West
  • Future
  • Castle
  • Pirates
  • Sub_spider?
  • Train of Terror

Wild West



The natives and cowboys in the final game have a “roly-poly” shape instead:


Various things apparently created for a level with advanced technology:


Enemies, allies or protagonists?

Their design is similar to that of the character “Pichirrichi”:


  • PICHIRRICHI: Appears in each level in a different way; he only makes indicating gestures, he never talks.
  • In the final stage, he gets caught by the bad enemy, who has him hanging over some fire, or something, and you have to rescue him.

Statue designs indicating where to go, similar to those in the dragon mountain:

In the game they always point forward:

More designs:

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