Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Production Sketches

Drawn by Hirokazu Yasuhara and handed over to the other artists as a guide on what to do. They include some pencil sketches and basic translations.
Click on the pictures for the high resolution scans.

Illustrations by Hirokazu Yasuhara. Provided by ???.
Thanks to robo and kiyome0 for helping with the translations.

This enemy/hazard that was found within the prototype graphics was originally thought to resemble a bouncing, spherical version of the "star bumpers". It's unknown wether it was intended to harm Sonic or not.

The tiny English words on the left say "I don't know what to do".

*Engrish for "Bumper". This sheet includes very primitive designs for the bumper crab as well as the near-to-final version.

There's also what seems to be an interesting mention to the very early concept of time travel that was once thought for Sonic 2, but was quickly scrapped and later used in Sonic The Hedgehog CD.



Origin: Desert Zone (Present)
It sends you flying when you step on it.

-Old Banper
Origin: Rock Zone (Past)
Characteristics: Same as before (color change)

For the record, the kanji used for the Desert Zone's name () is pronounced "sabaku".

The original idea for the bees in Sonic 2 included the possibility of opening new paths by setting the log bridges on fire with their shots. This could explain the presence of the following graphics in the prototype:

*Real palette unknown, using Chemical Plant colors.


Throws a fireball towards Sonic in a parabolic line.
Fireball keeps burning.
You can go through the hidden passageway below.

After unveiling themselves as enemies, these would explode and make four gas clouds. Note how Chemical Plant Zone is called Chemical Factory Zone instead.


Sonic is waiting...
It starts to appear.
You can kill it until this moment.
When it grows up.
It explodes like gas.
Gas floats for a while.

Fish 2
The normal piranha jumping from a waterfall. No idea what "Fish 1" could have been.

These sketches seem to be the only thing that's left from this enemy. It was smilar to the frogs in Sonic Advance's "Neo Green Hill Zone".

Mother Bubbler
It dropped sparks in a similar fashion to certain enemies in Sonic CD's Collision Chaos. When these touched the ground, they would spawn "Bubbler" enemies.


Comes floating, dropping sparks behind. Then, Bubbler appears.
Maybe like this...?
It started (What shall I do...)

Sketches for the old wall-crawling snail design.


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